Anthony Smith Berkeley – Characteristics That Make a Great Teacher

Anthony Smith Berkeley spent his early career teaching elementary students in the San Francisco Unified School District. Teaching is one of the most complicated jobs out there. It demands a broad knowledge of subject matter, curriculum, and standards. It also takes an enthusiastic, caring attitude and a love of learning. Teachers are required to understand different classroom management and discipline techniques and must possess the desire to make a difference in the lives of their students. With all of these qualities being a requirement for teaching, it can be hard to find great teachers. Here are some characteristics that all great teachers possess.

Great teachers expect that all their students will achieve their set of high expectations and they refuse to give up on underachievers.

They have clear, written-out objectives that give their students a clear understanding of what they will be learning, what assignments they’ll have to complete and how they will be graded throughout the year.

Great teachers are always prepared and organized. They present lessons in clear and structured ways and their classrooms are well organized to help minimize distractions.

They engage students and get them to look at a variety of issues in a multitude of ways. The start with facts and ask questions. They look at all sides and encourage students to predict what will happen next.

They form strong relationships with their students. They are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring and show their students that they care about them as people.

The single most important factor in determining the quality of education a child receives is the quality of the teacher. Anthony Smith of Berkeley spent five years teaching elementary students before becoming an academic counselor in California.


Anthony Smith from Berkeley – Tips To Make Your Summer Camp Successful

Anthony Smith Berkeley is the director of a summer camp. He has many responsibilities in this role and works hard to make sure every camper has fun and is kept safe. If you operate and work at a summer camp and want to make sure it is successful, these tips can help.

Have Contests

Kids love to compete and there is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between campers. Find a way to make things at camp competitive. You can do races and athletic competitions or even see who can pick up the most trash around camp.

Offer Rewards

Offer rewards for your campers. Make sure you notice the things they do and find a way to reward them. You may want to bring popsicles to camp one day or even surprise everyone with a water balloon fight as a reward for good attendance.

Mix It Up

Your campers don’t want to come back to the same things every year or even every day so make sure you mix it up a little. Have new activities for them to try or surprise them with something new for all campers to enjoy such as a water slide or a basketball court.

Being the director of a summer camp like Anthony Smith from Berkeley can be challenging and one of the biggest challenges is making sure the camp is successful as a whole. If you want to make your summer camp successful, the above tips can help.


Anthony Smith from Berkeley – Qualities Of A Successful Counselor

Anthony Smith from Berkeley works as an academic counselor for the Oakland Unified School District and has held similar positions within other school districts. There are certain qualities that a counselor should possess in order the be successful. If you are considering becoming any type of counselor, make sure you have what it takes to get the job done right.

A Good Listener

A counselor’s job is to listen to the students’ problems and then help resolve them. You will need good listening skills if you plan to be a counselor. You will need to not just physically listen, but pay attention and care about what the students are saying as well.


A good counselor should be considerate of every student and their situation. You will need to be careful what you say or how you act when a student described their problem or situation and remember to be considerate of the student’s feelings while helping them get through their issues.


Not all problems will be easy to solve and you may need to get creative in order to help your students find an answer to their questions. Every situation is different and you will need to spend a lot of time thinking about how you can help your students overcome whatever obstacles they are facing.

If you want to be a successful counselor like Anthony Smith from Berkeley, you should possess at least some of the above qualities. Being a counselor isn’t easy, but having some of these qualities can help you do better in the position.