Anthony Smith of Berkeley – How to be an Excellent Academic Counselor

Anthony Smith of  Berkeley knows that being an academic counselor is a challenging job, but he would never give it up for any other job in the world. He has 19 years’ experience in education, counseling, and collaborating, and has worked at various schools assisting students and helping them make informed decisions. Anthon Smith worked for eleven years as the academic counselor at Berkeley High School and shares a couple of tips on how to be an excellent counselor.

Be Friendly

Every academic counselor should be friendly, warm and approachable to students, parents, and teachers. Being warm and friendly will help students trust you and make them feel comfortable to share their problems with you.

Be Authoritative

While you are required to be friendly, you should also be ready to cross the boundary from being friendly to authoritative. If neglect or abuse is suspected, as a school counselor, you should be ready to use your authority to take the necessary steps to ensure student’s safety.

Able to Coordinate

Academic counselors in many schools also serve as coordinators for activities and programs. You should have the skills to coordinate multiple tasks at the same time, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Evaluation Skills

Academic counselors have to spend a considerable amount of time administering tests and evaluating test scores for students. You will have to accurately evaluate their progress and discuss the student’s academic performance. Most students see their test scores as black-and-white, and a school counselor has to help them see the various gray areas in between and help them explore the other opportunities that are available to them.

Anthony Smith Berkeley provided college admission guidance counseling for students at Berkeley High School.




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