Anthony Smith from Berkeley – Tips For Riding Horses

Anthony Smith Berkeley loves riding horses. When he finishes a long day at work he often goes horseback riding as a way to relax. He has been riding for several years now and considers himself an experienced rider. Here are some tips for those who are just starting out.

Bond With Your Horse

Always try to bond with your horse before you ride it. If the horse is not yours or you have never ridden it before, take some time before you mount it to talk to it and pet it. Your horse will trust you and be easier to ride this way.

Trust Your Horse

Your horse must trust you and you must trust your horse. Make sure you are not nervous on the horse or the horse will sense that and may, in turn, feel nervous as well. Try to make yourself comfortable and know that your horse will do its best to take care of you.

Wear The Right Clothing

You do not want to be uncomfortable while riding a horse and should make sure you always wear the proper clothing. Being uncomfortable can cause you to move around and shift on the horse and then can confuse the horse and even spook it.

If you love horses and are looking for a fun hobby or activity, horseback riding may be right for you. If you have never ridden before or want to become a better rider, the above tips can help.