Anthony Smith of Berkeley – What is a Self-Contained Teacher?

Anthony Smith, a counselor in Berkeley, is a graduate of San Francisco State University in California. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, he continued his education and went through training to become a self-contained teacher. Between 1998 and 2003, he was an elementary school teacher and a self-contained teacher. A self-contained teacher takes on a very specific role in the classroom.

There are many schools that choose to have different instructors teach different subjects. For example, students may begin their day in their home room class, and then go to other classrooms to study math, science, and English. This is common in middle schools and high schools. However, some public schools, and elementary schools may choose to work with self-contained teachers.

A self-contained teacher is responsible for teaching all of the academic lessons. This means that students have the same teacher for math, science, and English. It also may mean that they stay in the same classroom all day long. This teaching style is common in special education classrooms. Self-contained classrooms are often small, and can provide students with specialized support. This style of learning is good for students who struggle or need extra attention.

Self-contained teachers are qualified to teach all subjects at a specific grade level. These teachers may also have excellent communication skills and may be able to work well with students who have special needs. Anthony Smith is an experienced teacher who has worked as a self-contained instructor. He is an academic counselor in Berkeley, California who cares about helping students.